One day and the next we are told that specialization rules. Each day we know more about the world, so each of us can only know a small piece of it, smaller each year. Take my profession, scientist. A recipe for contemporaneous success is to find a spot to dig in an unique research line, and burrow in. Never mind gold miners, if you care for diamonds. It is another trade, with other tools and markets.

Scilla and Charibdis Research starts with another recipe. No matter how different is what they hope for; miners have much in common. Gold mining does profit from the experience of diamond mining. And beyond the profit, all miners lust for the treasure hunt. So scientist. Mathematicians and biologists lust for understanding nature. Important insights have occured after the meeting of equations and laboratories. Scilla and Charibdis Research, then, starts as a encounter point to meet disparate ways of research as a goal and to make common lusts just happen.

Out of the oven

 So far we have been able to explore a few holes. Our main concern is population genetics, where we have worked on  the concept of canalization and related issues. Our first work was in complex dynamics, where we locate evidences of chaos in different time series and explore some of its consequences in ecology. Now we are thinking on the use of this and other concepts to explore relations between migration and social innovation.

As an independent research agency, our funding comes from the application of the tools of our trade. The fund raising activity of Scilla and Charibdis Research is statistical consulting. Do you need our services? You are welcome to contact us.

As we are in different disciplines, we are interested in new research partners. Continuing exploration of diverse questions can only sharpen the answers. Are you interested in sharing your research with us? Maybe participate in our research projects? Meetings are always possible.