Inti Suárez

Inti Suárez was born the 27 of March of 1969, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lives in Caracas, Venezuela since 1978 and in Utrecht, The Netherlands since 2000. Always a lucky guy, shares his life with Chantal Melser and Ayden Maris Suarez.

His science baccalaureate was obtained from Colegio San Agustín (Caracas) in 1986. He studied physics in the Universidad Simón Bolívar in between 1986 and 1990. A degree of Biologist was obtained in 1996 from the same university. From 1997 till 2001 he followed doctoral studies in the Zoology Institute of the Basel University, Switzerland. The research done was in the group of Population Biology, which head was Prf. Steve Stearns. Resultant manuscripts and other scientific publications can be found here.

In Caracas the work experience was as a freelance statistical consultant. He is responsible for the statistics of several undergraduated and postgraduate thesis, environmental impact assessments and antineoplasic drugs assays. In parallel he was teacher assistant in different curses of biology, related to ecology and biometry. At the moment the research pursued concern population genetics, the application of chaos control to traffic flow and economics, funded with statistic consultancy.

Besides carrying research and offering consultancy, Inti is an amateur writer. Once a week, an article on politics, literature and science is delivered to friends. Some have been published in Tal Cual and El Nacional; two Venezuelan newspapers. And he maintains several blogs. One on Groenlinks (the dutch green party), another on actuality in foreign policy and another on Latin American politics. If you end up in this page looking for more information on Inti and Groenlinks, here you are. Poetry written with friends can be found somewhere in the net. Besides it, consider other links. Articles and other writings ended up here.